Mar 05, 2011

Yundi launches his new album, “The Red Piano,” at The House of Dancing Water:

Yundi performed at the anniversary of the House of Dancing Water in Macau on Friday, launching his new album on EMI Classics, The Red Piano.
He was joined by several school children for the performance. The Red Piano is being released in conjunction with the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party in China, and features the famous Yellow River Concerto arranged in a collaboration between musicians including Yin Chengzong and Chu Wanghua, and based on the I by composer Xian Xinghai.


Aug 18 2017 Concert: Warsaw, National Philharmonic, Warsaw, Poland
Aug 29 2017 Concert: Chongqing, Chongqing Grand Theatre, Chongqing, China
Aug 31 2017 Concert: Guangzhou, XingHai Concert Hall, Guangzhou, China

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